PSM: Personal Site Manager
...a lightweight web content manager...
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PSM (Personal Site Manager) is an easy to use CMS (content management system) for simple content sites.
Target of this project is to develop an easy way for creating a simple site with a smart editor for edit content.
In every editable box (when administrator is logged) appear a toobar with the command that you can do for that box (ie: edit content).
It is design for PHP. No database required, and it save all information and content into flat file.
For editing the contents it use HtmlArea Javascript HTML WYSIWYG Editor (
It is possible to create template for the creation of new page and it support versioning of the content edited.

Difference between this cms and others is that there isn't an administration for the content, simply you can navigate your site and when you find a page that you want to change you can log-in as administrator and edit it.
 Latest News
PSM 0.3 is out
2004-11-26 16:51
- new editor (now using HtmlArea Javascript editor)
- new demo
- add admin stylesheet
- more security bugfix

Wysiwig Editor
2004-10-22 02:10
Today I have change the Kafenio Editor with HTMLArea 3.0-rc1 from I also added template support and new file creation. Check out the source code from cvs, version 0.3 will be released soon.

PSM 0.2 is out
2004-09-15 00:25
This is a fixed version of 0.1 for unix systems where login and path resolutions wasn't work properly.

PSM 0.1 - First release
2004-09-14 11:49
This is the first - alpha release of PSM. It is not stable and have some malfuncion on unix platform. It's only a release for evalutate the product. A demo is present at this url:

  • Easy to install: no database needed
  • Easy to integrate: only two php functions to use for displaing and manage a content and the admin interface
  • Versioning of the contents
  • Javascript WYSIWYG editor for edit content
  • Basic Templating
  • New file creation
  •  Features planned
  • Internationalization

  •  Some screenshots of 0.2 release
    fig. 1: The live site.
    fig. 2: Admin interface displayed on the live site (when administrator is logged).
    fig. 3: Content Editing by HtmlArea WYSIWYG editor.